Thursday, August 25, 2011

"A Splice of Heaven"

Barbed wire fences are a common site in farm and ranch country. This shot highlights one of the many joys of summer work when you have cattle or other types of livestock. Checking miles of fenceline and finding breaks in your fence means its time to dig out the fence pliers, fence stretchers and some good 'ole raw muscle in order to stretch and bend the wire back together creating the perfect "splice".  This small, but important taks ensures that a livestock investment stays where it's supposed to be! When times are busy, the last thing a farmer or rancher needs is a surprise call from a neighbor saying "Hey, we got yer critter in our yard!".

Check out where this moment occurred and explore other scenes from the High Plains at NECO365.

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  1. Definitely the kinds of things that a non-farmer would not think of!