Wednesday, November 11, 2009

National Ag Day and Google Art

Today is Veteran's Day and I would like to personally thank all of those who have served in the US Armed Forces to ensure my freedom on a daily basis.  I hope to remember this each day as these brave heroes make a grave sacrifice for their fellow Americans.

That being said, I also found it interesting to follow the google art from today aimed towards Veteran's Day. Hopefully I am not in violation with their policies by pasting this into my blog, but here's todays Veteran's Day logo.

The clever artwork that Google supplies on special occasions is interesting visually as well as educationally.  To find out more about the topic, one must simply click on the picutre to be supplied with a wealth of information on the subject at hand.  They provide special artowrk for a number of historic dates and causes.  The traffic this promotes is most likely awe-inspiring.  One specific cause that comes to mind is Earth Day as an example.

Well what about agriculture?  Our agriculturalists have their own day as well and it will occur the next time on March 20, 2010.  So, here's the deal.  I just contacted google about the idea of creating a special google art day for National Ag Day and I would like your help if you are intersted in seeing what the rural agriculture community can get done.  Unfortunately, I was unable to save the message to post directly here on America's Great Divide.  But, you can help by contacting Google's Business Development people to advocate for National Ag Day appearing as google artwork coming up in the spring of 2010.  Follow this link and share the idea.  I shared with them that I would be willing to spearhead the event and coordination that may need to occur but will undoubtedly need to continue with more people resounding the wish to have National Ag Day appear.

I contacted their business development group and shared my thoughts here:

If you think this is a worthy cause, let me know and we'll try and gain some steam for AG!



  1. I think this is an awesome idea. I always love Google's art. I thought the Seasame Street stuff this week was great to. I will definitely be contacting them about the ag day artwork.

  2. Thanks Crystal! Let's try and get the word out to see what's possible. Could be a great way to get some exposure for the industry.

  3. YES!! Let's do it! I'll follow your link and tell them to do it too! Great job, Caleb!