Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting a Start in Agriculture

Over time, I hope anyone who reads America's Great Divide understands my deep love and admiration for the rural lifestyle.  I think that some people are meant to gaze upon open spaces and work outdoors.  I'm one of those people.  I'm trying to fatten up my bank account with a steady ration of corporate earnings, thrifty spending and Maxwell House instead of Starbucks each morning.  Here's a quick update on that....

Well, I recently passed Dave Ramsey's baby step #1 in my saving account and even managed to double it!  I wouldn't consider myself a stout Dave Ramsey follower, but the guy's got some great advice.  Plus he's on before Rural Route, so that's an added benefit.  I'm steadily gaining a little ground in my 401K and ESOP, but we all know that money doesn't even exist unless you're 60+.  And, if you think it's real right now in your middle ages, good luck with retirement!

So how does that relate to my start in the Cattle business?  Well, that's enough for almost 3 cows on an off day at the auction!  Real cool.  Yes that's sarcasm and I've desperately tried to find the font SARCASM on my windows machine but so far have been thwarted by the Microsoft team.

For those of you who have grown up with agriculture, please count yourself blessed.  For a suburbs kid who wants to get involved with the in-law's ranch, the mere thought of capital investment needed makes me wet my pants daily with fear.  It's actually quite embarrassing and usually frowned upon in corporate America.  For now I'll try and keep my head above water and my eye on the horizon.  After second thought, maybe its the Maxwell House, not the fear.   

On Friday's I'll try and share the images I take to keep myself inspired and moving towards my dream.


  1. Great post, although I hope you don't actually wet your pants daily... If you've got enough saved up for 3 cows, you could just as easily buy 5 or 6 stocker calves.

  2. Great post, and you have a great dream. You'll get there one day, and you are lucky to have a resource like your inlaws. One cow can turn into a herd in a hurry.